Husbandry Ships Agency

When your vessel is at our port, Adimar Shipping offers husbandry ships agency services committed to being well coordinated and timely. Many of these services offered include: supply of spare materials, cash handling & transfer, dry docking or repairs.

Adimar Shipping’s executive husbandry services provide you with peace of mind.

Our offices are open 24/7, 365 days of the year.

We are available through email and phone at all hours

Our Process for acting as your Charterer Nominated Ship’s Agent:


  1. Appointment Acknowledgement
  2. Initiate Planning of Transit—Initial contact with you to begin the planning of your vessel’s transit and port operation.



Requested Services Supervision and Coordination—There are many people, supplies and services to coordinate during the small window of time while you are at Panama Port. We do our best to coordinate and supervise all of your requested services with efficiency of cost and time. Some of the services are: (see list below for complete list of services available).

  1. Crew Changes
  2. Bunkering & Fresh Water
  3. Ship’s Supplies & Spares
  4. Parcel’s Clearance and Delivery
  5. Warehousing


  1. Disbursement of Accounts


Allow us as your trusted agent in Panama to arrange your bunkering services.  We are experienced in dealing with the various bunkering agencies in Panama and can help you make a good decision in whom to choose.  Our experience and involvement can save you time and money.

With the need to overcome the effects of friction in your vessel’s motor, we know that lubrication becomes necessary to dissipate heat, reduce friction and combat wear and tear between the surfaces of two moving components.

Therefore we also offer at your convenience arranging delivery of Lubes at the lowest cost and with the most honest suppliers. We will coordinate everything so that your vessel receives the lubes at the right time to continue with her transit.

We act on your behalf as your ships agent and manage the delivery of your crew provision needs.  We will contact a supplier that will guarantee the freshest selection of fruits and vegetables. Our suppliers are honest when delivering the products requested and we will ensure to make the best deal of prices for you.

When receiving fuel it is very important for you to have a bunker survey that grants you with documentation of the quantities and quality of fuel received.  We will gladly arrange a bunker survey for you with one of our partners and we will get you the lowest prices in the market and at the same time a good service with the best surveyors in the region.

As your trusted ships agent, we deliver cash to the vessel’s captains with competitive handling fees.  We deliver with the best customer service and in any major world currencies of your choice.

If you require any type of cargo survey prior or post shipment, as your ships agent, we arrange it for you with one of our trusted suppliers. In case you want it for verification, precautionary or insurance purposes, or to provide an early indication of potential defects which may lead to project delay if undetected.

We will coordinate for you with the company of your preference the service to obtain or renew any of the following Statutory Certificates, in order for your vessel to transit smoothly in all the ports.

  • Cargo Ship Safety Certificate for Vessels under 100 GRT
  • Cargo Ship Radiotelephony Certificate for Vessels under 100 GRT
  • Cargo Ship Safety Certificate – 500 GRT
  • Cargo Ship Safety Radio – 300 GRT
  • Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate
  • Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate
  • Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate
  • International Load Line Certificate
  • International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate
  • International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate
  • International Tonnage
  • International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate
  • International Garbage Pollution Prevention Certificate
  • International Ship Security Certificate
  • Caribbean Cargo Ship Safety Code
  • Certificate of Inspection of Crew Accommodations
  • Engine International Oil Pollution Prevention
  • Passenger Ship Safety Certificate
  • Sewage Certificate
  • Anti Fouling System
  • Enhanced Survey Program of Inspection (ESP)
  • Document of Compliance for Carriage of Solid Bulk Cargoes
  • Safety Management certificate (SMC)
  • Document of Compliance (DOC)
  • Document of Compliance for Ship Carrying Dangerous Goods.
  • Document of Authorization for the Carriage of Grain in Bulk
  • Document of Compliance for Condition Assessment Scheme
  • Safety Radio, Equipment and Construction Certificate for non-Convention Vessel.
  • Tonnage Certificate for non-convention Vessels
  • Pleasure Safety Vessel
  • Fishing Vessel Safety
  • Exemption

 As your ships agent in Panama, we handle any crew change with high quality service and efficiency.  We take care of your crew with personalized attention that includes arranging all the necessary documents like Visas, OK to Board passes, and letters of guarantee prior to your crew’s departure to Panama. Once your crew arrives in Panama, we take care of everything; our multilingual drivers will pick up your crew from the airport and take them either to a hotel to rest in a comfortable room before embarking or directly to your vessel if needed.

We also take care of your disembarking crew. We prepare all the documentation needed for them to off board with no inconveniences; this includes shore passes, letters of disembarkation, and visas. Once they have disembarked we will accommodate them in a hotel in the city and then take them to the airport for their departure.

In the event that one of your crew members requires medical or dental assistance, you may rest assured; we will take care of him like a member of our own staff, bringing him to the best available doctors in Panama and accompany him until good health.  When you hire us as your ships agent at the Panama Canal your crew and vessel are taken care of.

We will contact a company that will provide you with personalized, comprehensive services and they can help you determine a waste removal program that works best for your needs and budget.

Your garbage pickup will be done on schedule, and their crew will leave your premises clean.


If there is a launch required for any service in order to board your good vessel, we will hire the best provider and at the lowest cost for you, in order for your good vessel to receive all its deliverables and services done at the right time and with the highest customer service.

If you are interested in sending your crew’s luggage, we would gladly offer the services of tracking it, picking it from the airport and delivering it to your good vessel, guaranteeing that we will handle it with care, and keeping the lowest costs.

In order to minimize the consequences of spills and emergencies to safeguard life, reduce the impact on the environment and ensure the continuous operation of the Canal, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has implemented The Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP)

Therefore, when transiting through the Panama Canal vessels have the primary responsibility of implementing the PCSOPEP and participating in the response.

In our continuous efforts to be of service, we, as your trusted experts in Panama offer you the services of arranging all the documentation for you to obtain the PCSOPEP, and in addition to this, we will represent your good vessel in all the related matters, in case of an emergency as the authorized persons.

If you will be loading or unloading in any of the Panama Ports, we can arrange on your behalf and at very low costs all the documentation needed, as well as crane services and any other requirements.

Part of the documents required for your vessel to transit freely is a Ship Sanitation Certificate which serves to corroborate your ship’s compliance with maritime sanitation and quarantine rules specified in article 39 of the International Health Regulations (2005) issued by the World Health Organization. The certificate serves as proof that the ship is free of clear sources of contagion and may be a requirement for permission of entry into port in some jurisdictions.

 SSC’s are issued by competent health authorities in authorized ports, after inspection. Certificates are valid for six months, therefore since this certificate is valid for only 6 months, we offer the service of arranging the renewal of the certificate at low prices, this service can come in really handy to secure a safe and smooth transit in other ports as well.

If there is any emergency repair that needs to be performed to your good vessel while in Panama, we will arrange everything for you, we will contact the best technicians and negotiate the lowest costs with them, we will ensure that your good vessel is repaired properly to continue her transit over the world.

 It is always recommendable for the vessels to have interchangeable parts as part of an inventory to be used for the repair or replacement of failed parts. Spare parts are an important feature of logistics management and supply chain management, often comprising dedicated spare parts management systems.

Based on this necessity Adimar Shipping Agency offers the service of delivering spare parts directly to your ship. From wherever you need to send the spare, we receive it and do all the necessary arrangements with custom clearance at a very low cost, guaranteeing that your spare will be delivered in the hands of your vessel’s master at the right time.

 Proper disposition of waste is a necessity.  With our many years of experience as ships agent in Panama we understand local environmental guidelines and laws.  We offer this service with one of our suppliers, guaranteeing to grant you with good customer service and also negotiating the best prices in Panama.

 If your vessel will be anchored at any port for any activity like discharging, there is a high possibility that accumulation of unwanted material such as fouling will occur, which will interfere in your vessel’s good functioning, slowing your vessel and causing more expenses in gas, up to the point where it can completely impede it.

 As your trusted agent in Panama, we arrange with the best suppliers of these services in Panama who have the experience, technology and know-how to be trusted and reliable.  Their services will restore your vessel’s performance to as close to its optimum condition as possible and offer you considerable savings in fuel.