YACHTS are also welcome on the Panama Canal:

If you're a sailor, probably have many dreams, like crossing the oceans of the world.  However, to transit the Panama Canal is right up there too and you can do it! Prior to that, there is some information that you may know and steps to follow, along with the

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The third bridge in the Panama Canal

In 2018, the Panama Canal consolidates its responsibility with the country  working on the  new Atlantic Bridge. This new bridge will give a direct connection from the coast of Colon province with the capital areas. The project currently has more than 90% compliance with a cost of about 570 million dollars. Colon is a province

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El 3 puente en el Canal de Panama

En el 2018, el Canal de Panamá consolida su responsabilidad con el país trabajando constantemente en la culminación del nuevo puente Atlántico. Esta nueva obra dará una conexión directa de la costa abajo de la provincia de Colon con las zonas capitalinas. El proyecto actualmente lleva mas del 90% de cumplimiento con un costo de

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Working with the USNAVY

During the last month , Adimar had the honor to provide transits and logistic service to a US NAVY vessel. Actually, this is the second service that we do for this entity and we feel so proud of make a great job for our clients. We hope to provide again in the future more services

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The Panama Canal revenues budget for 2019

On July 30, the board of directors in the Panama Canal presented its budget for the 2019. This budget is made as a forecast of the various expenses necessary for the Panama Canal operations and, at the same time, shows the possible profits that the Canal will offer to the national treasury. It should be

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Los ingresos del Canal para el 2019

El pasado 30 de Julio , la junta directiva del Canal Panamá presento su presupuesto de ingreso para el año fiscal 2019. Este presupuesto se realiza como pronostico de los distintos gastos necesarios para el funcionamiento del Canal  y, a la vez , muestra las posibles ganancias que el Canal brindara al tesoro nacional. Cabe

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Frutos de la expansión del Canal de Panamá

  Hace 1 mes  se celebro el aniversario del Canal ampliado, el cual lleva dos años de operación. El objetivo de realizar esta ampliación fue suplir las  necesidades del sector marítimo a nivel mundial y luego de 2 años operando ha logrado dar ciertos frutos. Iniciando en febrero del 2017 , el Canal de Panamá

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Benefits of the expansion in the Panama Canal

  1 month ago, the anniversary of the expanded Canal was celebrated after 2 years of operations. The objective of this enlargement is to supply the new needs of the worldwide maritime sector , right now is giving a lot of benefit. In the first year, the Panama Canal established a daily record in transit

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Protection of water resources in the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal, with more than 100 years in operation, always depended on an invaluable natural resource for its operations, water. Today, with climate change this resource has become unstable and it is necessary to take actions to maintain its use. In the year 2017, the Canal area has an increase in air temperature of

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