Please be advised that the Panama Canal Authority has scheduled maintenance activities at the Miraflores Locks for 12 days, beginning Sunday, May 5th, 2013 at 0001 hours through Saturday, May 11th, 2013 at 2400 hours. Dredging operations will be conducted on the West side of Miraflores Locks between the center wall and the West prism line. During these 12 days, the West Line at Miraflores Locks will be out of service for shipping.

Please note that gradually this situation will cause some delays (72 hrs minimum waiting time), due to the canal authorities only allowing 20-22 vessels for transit daily, compared to 34-36 under Normal conditions. This will depend on the number of vessels arriving from the northbound and southbound entrances during these dates.

During this period the booking slots will be available through an Auction Process, as well as slots available for regular and large vessels, will continue to be offered by the PCA in addition to the regularly offered slots.

The Lane Outage for Maintenance will be completed on the 11th of May, it is expected that by 15th of May the situation should be back to Normal.

Panama Canal Locks Lane Outage 5th -11th May, 2013

Please feel free to contact our Operations staff should you have any questions or require further information.