As you may know, We are all concerned about the water levels at the Panama Canal waters mainly in Gatun lake and Alhajuela lake which is affecting the transit capacity and draft restrictions.

Based on above, Panama Canal Authority continue taking measures to reduce the natural effects of the last and incoming Dry Season.    From Nov 1st, the new booking condition will start.   Find attached more details of this booking conditions.

Please find below the slots available and waiting time at the Panama Canal as of today – Oct 24th:


If you are interested to obtain a booking slot for a specific date, find below the availability:



Booking slots via auction

 The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announces that the extraordinary and special auctions in the Neopanamax Locks, as well as the daily auctions offered in the Panamax Locks (for supers and regulars) will be suspended for transit dates beginning Monday, October 23 until tuesday, October 31st, 2023. 

 Therefore, from Saturday, October 21st, 2023, untill sunday, October 29th, 2023, the above mentioned auctions will not be offered for these days.   The daily auction offered sever (7) days prior to transit in the Neopanamax locks will remain unchanged. 

 Find below the price paid for the auctions lately:

Find below a link to follow up water levels at Gatun lake:


Factors for current transit Delays

– Arrivals are higher than average vessel arrivals rate (more arrivals than the daily Canal capacity)

– Full utilization of transit booking slots (less room for non booked vessels) which constantly

create a leap frog effect over non-booked ships.

– Have observed that inclement weather heavy rain and dense fog, strong winds typical to

the current seasonal station hampers the ability of the Canal Administration to reduce the backlog.

– The neopanamax locks is under full demand and this seems to be consuming a lot of time therefore

minimizing the access to the navigational channels for the vessels transiting the old panamax lock (bottleneck effect).

Payment of transit and booking fee guarantees

Transit reservation requests for all booking periods submitted during this time period will not require

the placement of a booking guarantee, nor will require payment of the booking fee at the time the slot

is awarded. However, the guarantee shall be placed prior to the vessel beginning its transit.

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