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Sea Traffic Management Project

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At the end of 2015, the validation project "Sea Traffic Management", aimed to connect the simulators of different European centers of maritime training. The European Union's STM has successfully installed the first bridge systems compatible with maritime traffic management, which connect ships with ground services. The STM project is funded by the European Union and

ABB Fights Ocean Pollution

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The Technology Services Company, ABB, has expressed its support for the Ocean Pollution Control Group by providing on-board systems and expertise to support research trips carried out by a charity whose primary mission and purpose is to highlight the damage caused by the millions of tons of plastics that end up polluting the waters of the world's oceans every year. The environmental advocacy group that is benefiting is

COMSAT – Security programs for the maritime industry

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On June 16, 2017, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) decided to require shipowners and administrators to incorporate cybersecurity management into the security systems established by the ISM code, which is why the telecommunications organization COMSAT makes its announcement to create a set of cyber security solutions for the maritime industry, this emerges as an imperative need to protect fleets against harmful attacks, after recent events. COMSAT offers a

Ballast Water Management – New BV Application

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Ballast Water Management - The world leader in testing, inspection and verification services, Bureau Veritas, has launched a new e-commerce solution to help the Shipping Industry with the Ballast Water Management deadline for approved certificates and plans scheduled for last September 8. The solution that Bureau Veritas has found for the shipping industry is through an application that will help Shipowners to obtain International BWM certificates and approved BWM plans for their ships.

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