Ballast Water Management – The world leader in testing, inspection and verification services, Bureau Veritas, has launched a new e-commerce solution to help the Shipping Industry with the Ballast Water Management deadline for approved certificates and plans scheduled for last September 8.

The solution that Bureau Veritas has found for the shipping industry is through an application that will help Shipowners to obtain International BWM certificates and approved BWM plans for their ships. The application consists of a fast, effective and direct platform, called “My ballast water management plan” (My BWMP).

Through the My Ballast Water Management (My BWMP) application, vessel owners will be able to access immediate online appointments, have the ability to pay online, submit their documents and then receive approved BWMP plans. It will also enable Bureau Veritas to manage the high volumes that will be processed in the short term.

My BWMP is easy to use and provides a quick process for entering the details required for individual ships or fleets to ensure a customized appointment and to allow the requested documents to be submitted by a client owner or a ship manager.

In this sense, the President of Bureau Veritas Marine Offshore, Philippe Donche-Gay, assured that the company wanted to provide owners and managers with fast appeal, a practical solution to help them meet the September 8 deadline with confidence thus helping ensure the management of workload within the necessary time.

On the other hand Donche-Gay, mentions that My BWMP takes the e-business to the class business and they are also looking for ways to expand to offer additional services that give access to the company’s experience in other areas. The application will also provide technical, regulatory, and commercial and content related to the BWM Agreement.

Bureau Veritas is the world leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) was established in 1928 and offers high quality services to help customers meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

It has a long history and offers innovative solutions complying with standards and regulations, reducing risks, improving performance and promoting sustainable development. Bureau Veritas is a company that is accredited by the main national and international organizations.