Task 1: Prepare for the pre-delivery

The first point to take into account by the Surveyor is to have available the appropriate instruments (tape measure, electronic thermometer, water and oil indicator, sampling bottles, ect) to make the appropriate measurements. In many cases the product is sampled before starting the delivery process, but this depends a lot on the decision of the customer or the supplier’s facilities.

When the implements are complete, start the process with a meeting between the surveyor and the managers of the vessel (the head of machines and the cargo officer) to perform the review of the documents that certify the purchase intentions.

Task 2: Inspection of the vessel

In the first instance, the surveyor must request some records from the vessel managers. Based on the data obtained, you must carry out a personal inspection of the vessel and the tanks in which they have the product. If at any time this process is not carried out properly, it must be reported to the client through the surveyor.

Task 3: Delivering

When the bunkering starts, the sailors team who participate in the process must be alert to any possibility of an accident. At this point, the work of a surveyor is to take control of the meters from the client’s barge, document the process and intervene if there is any risk that threatens the conditions of the ships.

 Task 4: Documentation

Upon completion of the Bunkering process, the surveyor must complete the final documentation to properly complete the purchase. In Panama , the bunker surveyor only take the bunker delivery note and the record of the vessel.The documents must be certified and verified by the chief engineer, the loading officer and the surveyor. Then each must sign and obtain copies.