1 month ago, the anniversary of the expanded Canal was celebrated after 2 years of operations. The objective of this enlargement is to supply the new needs of the worldwide maritime sector , right now is giving a lot of benefit.

In the first year, the Panama Canal established a daily record in transit with the passage of 1.18 million tons of traffic that day. Also this year, 13 of the services were relocated in this new locks.

Today, the expanded Canal has passed 4,000 Neopanamax vessels, 52% are container ships, 27% are Liquefied Natural Gas, among others. This year, the S & P firm has rated the channel with an investment grade of -A. This index facilitates the possibility of obtaining greater investment to develop new operations and keep innovating.

Francisco J.Miguel, Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration of the Canal, says that progress in the degree of investment within the global ranking is due to the constant development of operations thanks to the hard work of the canal operators.

This year it is expected to accelerate operations with the increase in maximum draft allowed, the increase in reserve spaces and an increase in the permissible length when traveling.