Every company in the shipping sector knows that, the maritime tradesperson are the main pillar for our global economy. Finding a good marine surveyor plays a huge role in protecting the interest of your company in this shipping business. According to the international institute of Marine surveyors, a marine surveyor is a specialized inspector of vessels standards and cargo transfers.

 When a client is buying from an international supplier of oil or diesel, every metric ton counts. The bunkering procedure needs to be careful and accurate. For this reason, have a bunker surveyor that assist and inspect all the transaction in field make more easier for the client to know what´s happening.


Basic requirement to contract a good bunker surveyor

  1. Licensed surveyor: In Panama, the maritime authority of the country requires the local survey companies to have a permit based on resolution JD. NO. 027-2008.
  2. Previous experience: This kind of work needs someone with knowledge and experience. In most of these instances the role of the surveyor is someone with experience such as a Captain or a Chief Engineer.


Some important reasons to find a good bunker surveyor

When bunkering, it is possible that you become a victim of some unethical situations. Sometimes a supplier, provide false information, don´t deliver the said quantities of bunkers or make illegal treats with the surveyor to blind his judgement in the process.

To avoid this kind of situations is important evaluate the following:

  1. Have intermediate companies: Some companies use a procedure for unannounced spot checks to auditing their surveyors during a bunker survey. It is better to pay an extra amount for such a service, than lose a portion of your product.
  2. Have perfect communications during the process: It is important to find a method to maintain direct contact with someone local in the bunkering process.
  3. Pay for fuel only upon delivery completion: Recently, charterers place a practice of paying for fuel oil only upon delivery completion, which limits the possibility for the supplier to create problems.
  4. Focus on the  Bunker Delivery Note (BDN): It is important to find  an expert surveyor in the measurement of the different features in the BDN, but you also need to know how can prove if the product was properly delivered.