Decarbonisation – The maritime industry has taken a step to be part of the solution in reducing the CO2 emissions that cause the greenhouse effect. It is for this reason that the main ship-owners, operators, academics and port authorities have joined together with engine manufacturers, shipbuilders and ship designers to trace important measures.

This meeting was lent to create the Global Industry Alliance (GIA) where support will be provided for a transition from shipping to a low carbon future. In addition, a global project for the environment called the GloMEEP Project, which is part of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), was launched to support developing countries and implement measures around energy efficiency.

The GIA was inaugurated at a first meeting of the Working Group between IMO sessions dealing with issues relating to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships. IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim said that with the creation of this new alliance will be contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases and thus mitigation of climate change.

Lim, further declared that this partnership can increase efforts to achieve the change that society deserves so much and thus create a tangible basis for transforming the maritime transport sector. For the UN this signature is paramount in virtue of its Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS).

The Secretary General of IMO also said that this public-private partnership will make a strong contribution to meet the challenges of decarbonisation in the maritime transport sector. The GIA partners set a number of priorities that highlight energy efficiency technologies, best operational practices, the use of alternative fuels and digitization.

Among the activities that the alliance can undertake or promote are research and development, presentation of advances in technological development and positive initiatives in the maritime sector, announcement of industry forums to promote a global dialogue and the exchange of information.

The thirteen GIA partners are: ABB Engineering (Shanghai), DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register, MarineTraffic, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), Ricardo UK, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Silverstream Technologies, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited, Stena, Total Marine Fuels, Wärtsilä and Winterthur Gas & Diesel.

It is hoped that upcoming meetings can incorporate more companies to the Alliance and thus generate greater support for general objectives such as the decarbonisation of the maritime industry and also give financial support to the GIA fund.