MAN Diesel and Turbo’s gas, and marine fuels and LNG manufacturer, MAN Cryo, secured a contract with Swedish infrastructure company Swedegas to supply a liquefied natural gas storage facility in the port of Gothenburg. This gas pipeline will provide a more flexible solution for LNG customers and suppliers and will be open to multiple suppliers.

With this new facility vessels will be allowed to store LNGs of trucks or containers while at the same time there is cargo loading and unloading at the docks in the Port Power Port, thus dispensing with the need to make a separate refueling stop. The Managing Director of MAN Diesel Turbo, Sweden, Mikael Adler, said that the company is very excited to have won the contract to build the first bunkering facility in the important port of Gothenburg. He added that they are able to offer robust, intelligent and flexible solutions to the market, which is in line with this new strategic project.

Also Adler said that the company’s strategy to offer LNG solutions to the marine market, both on board ships and fuel and gas supply systems as well as fuel infrastructure, fits perfectly with the general development towards a propulsion of ships more clean.

MAN Cryo will be in charge of supervising the project under terms of an EPC contract, including engineering, procurement and construction, and will be managed from the MAN Diesel Turbo office in Göteborg. Likewise, the facility will consist of a discharge station for LNG trailers or containers, feed pumps, vacuum insulated pipes and fuel equipment to facilitate efficient operations.

This facility will also comply with the stricter sulfur directive in maritime transport and has been designated by the EU as one of the most prioritized infrastructure projects in Europe. The facility is scheduled to open this year and will be operated and managed by Swedegas in close cooperation with the Port of Gothenburg.

One of the important project managers is the Port of Gothenburg, which is the largest port in the Nordic countries and is the only Swedish port with the capacity to handle larger ocean container ships. On the other hand, the management company Swedegas owns and operates Sweden’s gas network, which supplies natural gas to 33 municipal areas and several combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

MAN Cryo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic equipment for the storage, distribution and handling of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), a company located in Gothenburg, Sweden, offering comprehensive services and many years of experience and products tested. It develops efficient and economical  solutions for demanding marine applications in the form of cryogenic equipment for marine fuel and gas systems, as well as offshore and offshore start systems.